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Meet Our Founder

I was Born and raised in Decatur Ga, in a Christian household by two loving parents. My background in my early years was athletics. I was a two-sport athlete, played both Football and Basketball in High School. I attended MLK high school in Lithonia Ga. After high school I accepted a football scholarship to Savannah State in 2005. After the first year of football at Savannah State, I transferred to Middle Tennessee State University where I walked on the team and played for a year. I felt I’ve always had a creative mind and was born to create, but I just didn’t have any direction where to go. At Middle Tennessee State I met Rodney “Hot Rod” Tate who introduced me to producing music. During this time Hot was in the studio with Yo Gotti making the 5-star Chick record. I fell in love with music, I soaked up as much game from Hot Rod as humanly possible. I watched and took notes on everything he did. I dropped out of college in 2007 to come back to Atlanta to pursue my music career. My career took off, I produced music for Future`s Dirty Sprite Mixtape, OJ the Juiceman, Yung La, Rocko and all the major players during this time. I was living the life. I had a little money at the time, using drugs, and had women. But something always tugged at me during this time, I knew in my heart my lifestyle was wrong. After a good 5-year run, my producing career dried up, the little money I had was gone, and when the money is gone the women leave too. I was doing everything in my power to be successful, but nothing was working, I mean nothing. I felt like God forgot about me. I ended up going back to school and completing my bachelor’s degree at Clayton State University and now I attend Georgia State Robison`s College of Business pursing my M.B.A. But I always felt that I was born to create, the normal 9-5 was not fulfilling to me. I begin to pray and ask The Lord to give me a way to use my creative talents for his glory. I really begin to seek God, I mean really seek him, praying direct prayers, reading my bible and just searching for him wholeheartedly, and I found him. I gave my life to God and just asked him to use me and my talents to give his name glory, and he did just that! He transformed me from my previous lifestyle. With no thought of starting a clothing line. I Randomly bought a heat press in June 2020. It sat there for a while, I was led to start researching on how to make clothes and bought a Cameo image cutter in August 2020. The Cameo image cutter also sat there for a while collecting dust. I just kept asking God what is it that you want me to do? I asked him to lead me, guide me and show me. As clear as day my spirit said “God`s Child”, I really can’t explain it. I started designing and sold my 1st shirt on April 2021 on Facebook. I received a great response and continued building the God`s Child brand which is the brand you see today. So, I just want to encourage you and let you know that God has not forgotten about you, and you can do all things, he can change your life and give you purpose and fulfillment. The same God that is with you on the mountain top is the same God that will be with you through your valleys. Seek him wholeheartedly and he will guide all your ways.